Wednesday, December 12, 2012

189. ACE HIGH (1968)

Above average sequel to GOD FORGIVES, I DON'T in which returning protagonists Cat Stevens (Terence Hill) and Hutch Bessy (Bud Spencer) lose their new fortune in gold -- after a few scenes that show us how painfully ill-suited they both are to wealth -- to a wily new acquaintence, a Greek thief named Cacopoulis (Eli Wallach). They track him from town to town, through a series of additional encounters, each of which puts them in more trouble than the last while Cocopoulis rides away. In the third act, our heroes are witness to the goals motivating his thievery: the need to be publicly acknowledged by Drake (Kevin McCarthy), a former associate who went on to fortune and success. Giuseppe Colizzi's rollicking film builds to a surprisingly tense and emotional confrontation with parallels to the heart-wrenching climax of Orson Welles' CHIMES AT MIDNIGHT, in which Fallstaff finds himself publicly shunned by Prince Hal following his coronation as King Henry V. Wallach is outstanding, as always, and the fine supporting cast includes Brock Peters, Livio Lorenzon and Mario Bava favorite Federico Boido.

Viewed on Netflix.

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