Sunday, December 30, 2012

221. HEAD (1968)

This was another re-viewing; my full-length review of Bob Rafelson's kaleidoscopic Monkees film -- in which I teased out some of its parallels to Roger Corman's THE TRIP, also scripted by Jack Nicholson -- can be found in VIDEO WATCHDOG #163. Watching it again, I realized that the Maharishi played by Abraham Sofaer is supposed to be Marshall (Maharashall?) McLuhan.

Viewed on Criterion Blu-ray, which has a spectacularly crisp image and one of the best 5.1 remixes I've ever heard. Now it's the only way I'll watch it.


  1. I did enjoy the HD version that screened months ago on TCM, but haven't sprung for the Criterion box set as of yet. I remember from your VW review that it was chok-a-blok full of extra goodness in addition to the film itself!

  2. Agree, the American Lost and Found is one of the greatest box sets I've devoured (and I've watched pretty much every last special feature on it) since the laserdisc days. A Safe Place and Drive He Said didn't do a lot for me but my first ever experience of Head was revelatory. I can only imagine (actually I can't) how it must feel to fans of it to be able experience it in HD!